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May 16th, 2014  Tagged

As a sit here at home reflecting on the week which has just passed, one word comes to mind. Proud. I feel very proud to be part of such a fantastic school as St Augustine’s.

Firstly, our Year 6 class have made me very proud with the way they have coped with this very testing (in more ways than one) week. They have had smiles on their faces and have approached the week with maturity at every step. Well done Year 6. I am very proud of you!

Secondly, we have had a very busy day joining in with Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day Rainbow Wrap making. Lots of fun was had and the children enjoyed making and trying the wrap, which included ingredients many of them are not used to. I love that we take part in such events and create learning experiences and memories the children will take with them for many years to come.

Finally, the School Council has, yet again, made myself and Mrs Gee extremely proud. They went to the Town Hall this afternoon to present their findings about the state of the war graves in Worksop Cemetery to a whole host of people; including John Mann MP, a serving British Forceman, a range of veterans, the person in charge of the Commonwealth war graves in the UK, a representative of HRH The Queen… to name but a few. They took this mammoth task in their stride and presented beautifully, earning themselves an interview from a journalist from one of the National newspapers.

All this on top of the usual day to day occurrences that happen in school to make me proud. Go Augustine’s!

What are we going to do next week to feel proud of?


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